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Story Stones Handpainted (READY TO POST SET) #1

Story Stones Handpainted (READY TO POST SET) #1

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This is a ready painted set, painted on a natural quartz stone. Please see photos as part of the description.

Each set will be slightly different to the next due to them being handpainted and the nature of individual pebbles.

Story Stones -

All children love telling stories, and being told stories! We are working on a range of ready to post story stones for your little ones to create stories (and their own versions of) that they have heard before, along with their own free play imaginative stories.  Being hand painted each set will be unique.

Storytelling is a great thing to encourage in children. It inspires imagination and creativity, increases vocabulary and helps communication and listening skills. Storytelling though free play is also a way for children to make sense of their world, problem solve and see the perspectives of others.

When you watch your child engaged in free play, you’ll often hear snippets of the incredibly complex worlds and characters and the cute conversations that they create.

Often children can sustain their stories and free-play worlds over days, weeks, months… coming back again and again to the characters and settings and making them more elaborate. Have you ever tried to tidy up a world that wasn't finished with yet ...? 

Just one of the (many) ways story stones can be incorporated into play based learning is by helping to teach children how to match and sort, or tell the order of a story - just like this Very Hungry Caterpillar set.

You can also encourage your young one to tell their own story by taking turns to draw a stone out of a bag, and then using each picture to influence the way the next part of the story will go.

And let's not forget, what child doesn't like to play with pebbles and rocks!